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Animal-themed executive function bundle (4 to 6)

Animal-themed executive function bundle (4 to 6)

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Kids with poor executive function skills struggle with:

 - Staying focused.

- Organizing and planning.

- Knowing which tasks they should privilege.

- Solving problems.

- Understanding different points of view. 

- Being accountable and monitoring their activities.

- Believing in their ability to succeed.

To effectively develop executive function skills in children, it is important for them to work on different types of activities. For example, a child struggling with focus and concentration can benefit from being encouraged to plan and organize their activities by themselves, or even by being helped to believe in their ability to succeed.

This executive function skills bundle has over 75 printable activities and worksheets to help your child strengthen their executive function skills. They include focus and attention activities, visual perception activities, growth mindset and self-esteem development activities, activities to strengthen memory retention and fine motor skills, activities to help them improve their planning and organization skills, and much more. You'll also get tips on effective strategies to help promote these skills.

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