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24 unicorn-themed mazes (4 to 6)

24 unicorn-themed mazes (4 to 6)

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Mazes are perfect for helping children work on their executive functioning, especially their working memory. In other words, mazes help boost children’s brains. They help them learn to hold information in the mind, even for a few minutes, in order to complete a specific task. They encourage them to think, reason, and remember information. Mazes are also effective in helping children work on their focus and concentration skills, problem solving skills, patience and persistence, to name a few.

Mazes are also great activities to have in your child’s calm-down toolkit. 

Your child will enjoy these 24 mazes which will help them work on their executive function skills. They are specially designed to attract and keep children’s attention.   

Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).

Answer key available.

PS. To effectively develop executive function skills in children, it is important for them to work on different types of activities. Check out our other categories or our executive function bundle which will allow your child to work on skills such as working independently, focus and concentration, planning and organization, and so much more!

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