Tips to download your printable

Although we are unable to provide technical support because of the huge differences in computers and mobile devices, the tips below should help you successfully download your printable if you need help.

First, please use a computer to download your printable – most mobile devices and iPads are unable to download through a link.

If you want the printable on your phone, you need to first download it to your computer then transfer it to your mobile device using services such as Dropbox or iCloud.

Any file that is zipped will have to be unzipped before you can access your printables. To unzip a file:

  • Locate it in your downloads folder then right click on it and select “extract all” (double click to open if you’re on a Mac)
  • Items such as cookies or even certain apps may block this process. If this happens to you, repeat the same process on a different browser.
  • If your mobile device is able to download a zipped file, you will need an app to unzip it. Most of these apps are available for free from app stores.

Once your file is downloaded

You will find the downloaded printable in your downloads folder, or where your downloads are commonly sent.

If you are unable to locate your printable, you can search for it directly from your computer using search terms such as the date or the name of the printable.

Ps. Given that all our printables are in PDF format, you need a PDF reader to view them. Although most computers already have a preinstalled version of Adobe Reader, some do not. If you need a PDF reader, you can get a free version here.