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Kids with poor executive function skills struggle to complete tasks, to focus and concentrate, to understand instructions, to organize their time and their activities, to understand their emotions, and even to deal with failure. The good news is that your child can strengthen these skills through play.  

Our collection of fun, quality, and affordable printable activities is designed to help boost children’s executive function skills.

Dr Sanya Pelini, Ph.D.

“Play is the work of childhood.”

Jean Piaget

  • Focus and concentration activities

    Check out our printable mazes to help your child work on their focus and concentration skills.

  • Memory and visual perceptual skills

    Your child will love our fun and colorful memory games that will help them strenghten their visual discrimination skills and their memory capacity.

  • Executive function bundles

    Our executive function bundles are an affordable option to help your child practice different executive functions skills such as focus and concentration, organizing and planning, visual perception, critical thinking, and more.